" Over the last several years an arthritis condition in my neck has steadily worsened. Because of this, I suffer almost constant headaches. My doctor suggested I start taking GH-Elite. Within 3 weeks my headaches started to go away and now I rarely experienced them at all. I've also noticed an increase in energy. I feel so much better than I did just a few months ago."

Helen H, Houston TX, age 77

"I have been taking GH-Elite for a little over 3 months. I have noticed feeling more optimistic during that time. I am sleeping better and able to return to sleep quickly when I wake up during the night. I am also experiencing an increase in dreams. My weight has dropped about 5 pounds. I have not gained this weight back either. A condition of dry mouth has been largely reversed. My craving for after dinner sweets has been eliminated. During this time, I have not changed my exercise pattern of walking a mile a day"

Mr. J. S., Los Osos, CA, age 67

"In thirty years of practice I have used and recommended many types of vitamins and supplements. Generally, they are given to support ligament, bone and muscle tissue. After using GH-Elite I have found it to be beneficial for treating the whole body, but more specifically, the organs and hormone system. It has been proven that increasing Growth Hormone in middle-aged and older people, can turn back the aging process. GH-Elite is a remarkable product. I recommend it to my patients, and personally, will never stop taking it. At 55 years of age, I have more energy, more mental acuity and can notice firming and strengthening of muscle tissue while reducing some in my waist in just a few months."

Dr. Elmer W. Sharp, D.C., Kansas City
"For over 10 years I have had arthritis so bad in my knees that I haven't been able to bend them. Only 2 months after taking GH-Elite I can bend my knees and even touch the floor with my hands. This has changed my life. Now I can look forward to getting up the next day and doing
something productive for a change."

Betty A. Pleasant Hill, MO.


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