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The World Had Never Seen Anything Like It Before!

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In 1990 the New England Journal of Medicine published a landmark study conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman
of the University of Wisconsin, which clearly showed that by increasing the declining levels of growth hormone
in older men, the aging process could be reversed. In this study, 12 men, ranging in ages from 61 to 81 were given injections of growth hormone for 6 months. At the end of the sixth month tests showed that their biological ages were reversed by as much as a staggering 20 years with the least amount being 10 years.

Since then, millions of dollars have been spent on research devoted to anti-aging. After the Rudman study,
growth hormone was used as the world's most effective and most expensive anti-aging therapy.costing as much as $1200 or more per month for effective treatment. Synthetic GH is in use today and is available by prescription only.

GH-Elite is the most powerful growth hormone *releasing formula ever made from completely natural and safe non-hormonal ingredients. The World had never seen anything like it. The ability GH-Elite has to assist in GH *release, and therefore anti-aging, comes from the synergy of its components. The first component, Secretatrope-PM, is a proprietary blend of critical amino acids processed to ensure delivery through the brain's blood barrier to the targeted receptor sites at the pituitary gland where growth hormone is made and stored and where the process of renewal and rejuvenation begins.

The release of growth hormone is activated by a chemical message from the hypothalamus portion of the brain. The message is called GHRH or growth hormone releasing hormone. This signal is what starts to fail as we get older. The result of the failure is the repair and regeneration process that once took place so efficiently when we were young slows down. By the time a person reaches 70-75 years old the process has basically stopped.
GH-Elite works by mimmicking the signal so once again, growth hormone is released and the repair and regeneration process is revived.  

The release of growth hormone is the first step in a cascade of physiological events that rebuild and repair
the body. The release of GH will help give the body more energy by making it a more efficient fat burner. The
release of GH will help regulate all the other hormones, male and female. The release of GH will dramatically
moderate cholesterol levels. But, the real rebuilding and regenerative process begins in the liver. Growth
hormone signals the liver to make IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). IGF-1 is a sub-hormone, the workhorse
and the infantry of GH. Every cell in the body... muscle, cartilage, nerve, connective tissue, skin and bone
depends on IGF-1 to carry out the regenerative process.

GH-Elite contains 2 of the most powerful adaptagens on Earth. They are Tribulus Terrestris and Rhodiola Rosea.(golden root), making up part of "Prodapten Complex". Tribulus provides liver support, but more importantly, it is considered a powerful strength builder, immune booster, fertility enhancer and libido enhancer. Its use originated in eastern Europe where it has been taken for these purposes for centuries. Tribulus is a safe and effective way to
increase testosterone. An increase in testosterone will enhance the IGF-1 output of the liver.

Golden Root (rhodiola rosea) is probably the single most powerful adaptogen on Earth. The use of this
remarkable herb complex is not widespread yet because Russian scientists kept it secret until the late 1980's.
Russian scientists started studying Golden Root in the 1950's. They were curious as to why a certain group of people lived 10-12 years longer than the world's average. The scientists concluded that the main factor was the abundant use of golden root by those indigenous people. Top Russian athletes, military personal and cosmonauts have taken golden root as part of their daily routines since the 60's. Ever since then, Eastern Block countries have dominated world weightlifting competitions. In a study conducted by the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, athletes who took golden root
 were able to increase their workload (weight x repetitions) by 16 to 27% in just a few weeks.
Plus Prodapten Complex has Fenutest, an adaptogen equal in performance to tribulus, Ashwaghanda, which is known for its endocrine system benefits, and mucuna puriens, a source of natural L.Dopa, which is a precursor to growth hormone..

The combination of these natural ingredients makes GH-Elite the most powerful GH releasing formula
available and an exceptional anti-aging choice.

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