NutraSource Products
"Helping people become healthier and stronger since 1997"

    In 1997 my parents and I started NutraSource Products. Even when I was a kid back in the 50s, my parents were very interested in nutrition. My mother sold Nutralite multi-vitamins before vitamins were main-stream like they are now and before Amway bought the brand, back about 1955. God bless my parents who are not with us any longer. Their vision is still being fulfilled to this day. 

    After starting NutrSource we launched the first true non-prescription growth hormone releasing formula, It took the anti-aging and sports markets by storm. It was so advanced, even doctors and researchers couldn't believe it, much less comprehend the science. It was the culmination of years of research and clinical testing. But, finally, the work paid off because we had an all-natural affordable product that promised great hope for people who wanted to "turn back the clock" but couldn't afford expensive prescription hormone replacement therapy, therapy that could cost as much as $1200 per month.

    But research continued. I knew it could still be improved. I had a friend who studied in Russia with their top scientists for 2 years. The focus of their research was on 2 herbs the rest of the World knew nothing about. These two herbs were found to have incredible rejuvenating and strength-building powers. When my friend came back from Russia, he told me about all the studies that had taken place over decades and kept secret from the West. He told me about Moomiyo and Rhodiola Rosea. The studies divulged a great secret: all of the old Soviet Union elite athletes had been taking both for 4 decades and that is why they dominated World athletic competition all of those years.

    Although my friend brought the knowledge of these herbs to the US, NutraSource was the first to put them in a supplement, which introduced both moomiyo and rhodiola rosea (aka. golden root, arctic root) to the Western Hemisphere. That was 1998. GH-Elite contained both for almost 15 years. Then moomiyo supplies became very limited. It can't be grown or reproduced so, due to its eventual popularity,  there's very little actual moomiyo left. The Himalayan Mountains, moomiyo's source, basically, ran out. So we started using more Rhodiola Rosea at the point.
    Our products contain exactly what is listed on the labels. We don't cut any corners as far as quality. All ingredients are tested for both purity and potency.  We source raw materials from around the world so we know that our customers are getting the very best of each ingredient. Effectiveness of our products and your satisfaction are our prime mission. 

since 1997