Prodapten ComplexTM

GH-Elite contains 3 of the most powerful adaptagens on Earth. They are tribulus terrestris, moomiyo and golden root, all part of "Prodapten Complex". As mentioned earlier, tribulus provides liver support. But, it is also considered a powerful strength builder, immune booster, fertility enhancer and libido enhancer. It originated in eastern Europe where it has been used for centuries for these purposes. Tribulus is a safe and effective way to
increase testosterone. An increase in testosterone will increase the IGF-1 output of the liver.

Moomiyo (mumie in Russian) is probably the single most powerful adaptagen on Earth. The use of this remarkable herb complex is not widespread yet because Russian scientists kept it secret until the late 1980's. It comes from the high mountain area of central Asia where it is harvested from caves. Its main component is the juniper berry, but it also contains derivatives from up to 6500 other plant species, some indigenous to that region only. When the juniper berry and other plants decay, they form a thick mass that seeps downs through
mountain rock where it picks up a wide variety of minerals and trace elements and is eventually deposited on the ceilings of caves. It is then harvested, ground up and cleaned and ends up a dark brown powder or thick paste. Moomiyo has been used by the natives of that area for 2000 years for healing, recovery, immunity, strength building and longevity. Russian scientists started studying moomiyo in the 1950's. They were curious as to why these people lived 10-12 years longer than the world's average. The scientists concluded that the main factor was the abundant use of moomiyo by the indigenous people. Top Russian athletes, military personal and cosmonauts have taken moomiyo as part of their daily routines since the 60's. Ever since then, Eastern Block countries have dominated world weightlifting competitions. In a study conducted by the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, athletes who took moomiyo were able to increase their workload (weight x
repetitions) by 16 to 27% in just a few weeks.

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Cleaned  dried moomiyo powder

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